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  • With So Many Options, You're Sure To Find The Perfect One

    Losing a loved one is a very difficult process on its own without the added burden of choosing an urn for the final resting place. Knowing what options are available is the best way to choose the right cremation urn. Here are a few of the basic considerations when making your selection. Continue reading

  • Carbon Is Carbon. Isn't It?

    Carbon is carbon, or so scientists tell us. Ashes are ashes, right?  Wrong!
    Response to human ashes and what they mean may be quite different according to one's culture. What follows is a true story.

    A woman came to Hawaii to spread the ashes of her brother in the sea. She was all alone. After she had arranged for a boat, she came to church looking for a pastor. The clergywoman agreed to help and even offered to bring her husband along to read from scripture.  In mid-afternoon they set out on a beautiful but windy day, to a point two miles out. Continue reading

  • Resting At Sea - A Fitting Option For Cremated Remains

    Once cremation has been decided upon, you along with your loved one (if pre-planning) must also choose a final resting place for the cremated remains. Perhaps you have a plot in a cemetery; or a niche in a columbarium. Ashes can also be scattered over land, if permitted, or over sea.

    Scattering the ashes in the sea or a lake is a very attractive option, especially if the deceased had a particular connection to the ocean: a former naval service person or merchant marine; a fisherman or a surfer; or simply someone who chose to live near the ocean.  Continue reading

  • Helping Aging Parents Plan A Memorial Service

    It can be helpful for an aging parent who chooses cremation to plan a memorial service in advance. A memorial service is a celebration of a life lived. It can include the display of a decorative urn, photographs and floral arrangements.

    Here are some ideas that can help the planning process. Continue reading

  • Grieving Your Departed Loved One

    You may have arrived at this page because you have recently lost someone you love.  Grief is a deep, sometimes disabling, emotion completely normal for such a loss.  All of us experience it some time in our lives. How we cope with it may in fact shape the rest of our lives.

    Life itself is a gift, whether you conceive of God in a particular religious sense or not.  Love is always the root cause of grief: we grieve because we have lost someone with whom we have shared love.  The good news is that Life goes on for us. The gift of being in this beautiful world and finding new mercies every day is still ours, even if we feel lost in the depths of grief. Continue reading

  • Urns That Truly Reflect One's Passions In Life

    Determining the final resting place of your family member or loved one can truly be difficult. Nobody enjoys going through this practice, and deciding upon how they are to be represented after their death is sure to prove a much more challenging decision than you might have ever realized. While the individual probably already decided upon cremation, it is up to you to decide on the urn.

    There really are hundreds of different urn designs you can select from, but as the final resting place, you want to make sure and settle on something that reflects what they enjoyed and how they lived their life. Continue reading

  • Cremation Is Quickly Becoming A Green Option

    More people are turning to cremation after the death of loved ones than in the past, with being kinder to the environment as one of the reasons to go down this road. This varies around the world with countries like Japan primarily using cremation. In other countries such as Poland, less than 10% of the people choose cremation.

    The UK has steadily grown in favor of cremation with a move from 35% in the 1960′s to over 70% in 2008. Both Canada and the United States have gone up drastically from around 4-6% in the 1960′s to over 68% in Canada in 2009 and around 40% for the US in 2010. Continue reading

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