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Cremation Is Quickly Becoming A Green Option

More people are turning to cremation after the death of loved ones than in the past, with being kinder to the environment as one of the reasons to go down this road. This varies around the world with countries like Japan primarily using cremation. In other countries such as Poland, less than 10% of the people choose cremation.

The UK has steadily grown in favor of cremation with a move from 35% in the 1960′s to over 70% in 2008. Both Canada and the United States have gone up drastically from around 4-6% in the 1960′s to over 68% in Canada in 2009 and around 40% for the US in 2010.

• Reasons People Choose Cremation
The main reason people choose cremation over traditional methods of disposal of the body is cost. A funeral service with cremation costs about one-quarter of the price for a funeral with burial.

Another reason is because of the timing. You can hold a memorial service any time with cremation, but a burial service is usually held within a few days of the person’s passing. This allows people from out of state or out of the country more time to plan to attend. For those that are not immediate family, it can make the difference of their attendance at all.

The cost of a funeral service can be quite expensive when you add in the price of the casket and grave marker. Most cemeteries also require the purchase of a vault to place the casket it. This alone can cost more than $1,000 for the basic option. You also have to pay for the cemetery plot and the cost of the actual burial along with many other costs.

Cremation is often much cheaper and includes a cremation urn for your loved one’s remains. You can choose to spread the remains or bury it, but even burial for an urn is much cheaper than for a casket.

• Environmental Impact
Another valid reason that people choose cremation over burial is because of the impact that traditional burials have on the environment. A grave plot takes up space for centuries after the death of the person. That space can be used for residential and commercial building. Many people think about this situation when they choose cremation.

The use of embalming fluid is another reason people may choose to avoid burial. Thousands of gallons of embalming fluid are used each year for every cemetery.
More people today are choosing cremation. In countries such as Japan and China where land is limited, cremation is a way of life. However, it is expected that the U.S. will continue to move towards cremation with as many as 60% choosing this option within a few years.

Cremation is a viable option for deceased loved ones just as burial is. The choice is personal just like the reasons for choosing one over the other is often private. As more people consider the impact burying loved ones and friends has on the environment, don’t be surprised to see more folks opting for cremation.

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