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With So Many Options, You're Sure To Find The Perfect One

Losing a loved one is a very difficult process on its own without the added burden of choosing an urn for the final resting place. Knowing what options are available is the best way to choose the right cremation urn. Here are a few of the basic considerations when making your selection.

This not only relates to the overall volume of cremated remains that are present but also what would make a fitting tribute for your loved one. In addition to cremation urns that are large enough for an individual, companion urns that accommodate two loved ones are also available. These have the capacity to hold two sets of cremated remains; perhaps husband and wife or loving and devoted partners. Smaller sizes allow the ashes to be divided and share among family members or friends. Even cremation jewelry is offered allowing you to keep a portion of your loved one close to your heart.

Many options area available such as ceramic, porcelain, pewter, brass, silver and even gold. The material can be the overall factor that affects price but it can also affect durability. You can buy simple wooden boxes for cremated remains but you can also buy intricately decorated urns. The material is again an overall style preference. Urns are offered that are simple metal and that can last for years as well as delicate urns that should be safeguarded to insure they are not broken.

Design & Color
This too is a personal preference, however, if your loved one had a colorful personality, you may want to add a multitude of color and decoration. You can also add names, pictures and other extras to make for a colorful and beautiful urn that not only comforts you every day, but also that reflects the personality and life of the person you are honoring.

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